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B-Borgs - Shadow, White, etc by LavenderRanger
B-Borgs - Shadow, White, etc
This is my fan continuation of the Beetleborgs. Second image.

Drew, Jo and Roland are now grown up, have jobs, have kids, lost love ones and have to close the can of worms they opened as kids.

The one to the left is Shadowborg XL, the daughter of Les Fortunes and helped by the Megavores which were created by her teenage brother artist. She is out for revenge. Her father Les in now in an insane asylum. She is also a bit of a sadist.

Diamond Lightning Borg is of course, Josh, he was once married to Jo but they are now divorced. He has been in the military and now a veteran of the Iraq war. The suit is based on the White Blaster Borg. Now he has the power of lightning and a lobster. He still cares for Jo, she couldn't deal with how he has been closed off because of the war.

Suglite Inferno Borg has power of fire and Cobra. I have no idea who he is. Mysterious.

Oh, as for the Hilhurst monsters: the vampire was staked, Frankenbeans has taken apart and destroyed, the werewolf was made human again, the mummy was unraveled, and Flubber was destroyed by Nukus. The Hilhurst house has since demolished. Charterville has since expanded and been renovated. There is some slums and become more industrial.
B-Borgs by LavenderRanger
My fan continuation of the Big Bad Beetleborgs.

Drew, Jo and Roland grow up and make their own uniforms using technology. Flabber has since died. They fight the Megavores, who the teenage son of Les Fortunes draws.

Drew is Saphire Tidal Borg, with the power of the Shark. He has his own custom car shop and designs technology for it. He created the tech for the suits. His young daughter Mira draws and designs their weapons and gear.

Roland is Emerald Terra Borg, with the power of the Bull. He works at the custom car shop as a mechanic. He helps fix the B-Vehicles. His parents has since closed down his shop and his grandmother has passed away.

Jo is Ruby Aerial Borg, with the power of the Hawk. She is an industrial designer and designs cars. She also designed the B-Vehicles. She has a baby son.

I tried to mirror them to their first suits. The green one is more like a football quarterback, the colors match up like Miami Hurricanes (since I live in Miami), the college football team. The Blue one I tried to make look lke a wetsuit. I tried to avoid black like the originals. I couldn't make it too metallic, I wanted to stray from the original metal and technical, I wanted to make it look more like plastic armor. Obviously they aren't beetles anymore.
Kamen Rider Throttle by LavenderRanger
Kamen Rider Throttle
This is my own design, a female in Kamen Rider Drive: Throttle, my yellow highlighter didn't read so I had to recolor using paint as I don't have Throttle anymore. I wanted the yellow glow from traffic stuff and construction vests. The torqouise-violet is inspired partially from Native American art.
MMPR Ninjas (Green instead of White) - AU by LavenderRanger
MMPR Ninjas (Green instead of White) - AU
Alternate Universe where the Ninja Rangers have green instead of white. The poses are inspired from a Papercutz MMPR comic cover.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie - Ivan Ooze by LavenderRanger
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie - Ivan Ooze
The last one I did, I wanted to add Ivan Ooze to it, I wanted more Oozemen but then it got too crowded.


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Since SuperMF has shown Dairanger, Kakuranger and Changeman (I think), does bandai intend to make those keys or any other pre Zyuranger sentai that may appear?

Exactly how many keys are going to be produced, and will each team have their yellow, pink and 6th ranger (if they have one)? I have looked in many places, and I always find a different number.
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Why did Disney change the Final Battle in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm?
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