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Power Rangers World - Theme Park by LavenderRanger
Power Rangers World - Theme Park
This is my idea for a Power Rangers themed park. Must I say this isn't real? Yup, it isn't real. It is inspired by a fan drawing of a Star Wars Land.

Home of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers includes Command Center, Youth Center, Mighty Shop and fake shops.

1 Mighty Morphin Super Mega Encounter
Inside the Command Center, help Alpha and Zordon in Rad Bugs to fight Lord Zedd and Rita from getting the Zeo Crystal, similar to Island of Adventures' Spider-Man ride. Gosei makes a surprise appearance in which he begins to speak but Zordon tells him to keep quiet.

2 Youth Center & Ernie's Juice Bar
Eatery and arcade like the show. Watch and interact in a real Martial Arts training as well.

3 Mighty Shop
Souvenir shop with meet & greet area. The store sells general items from the whole theme park and different series of Power Rangers.

4 Alpha's Candy Shop
Enjoy Alpha 5 the robot's delicious sweets and candies.

5 Super Train Monorail
Go around the park in the Lightspeed Rescue train and stop at Academy Gardens, Terra Ventura, between Corinth and Alliance of Evil's Outpost and between Fossil Caverns and Turtle Cove. 

Includes a waterfall, lake, and the Pai Zhuq temple hosted by Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, and Samurai.

Pai Zhuq Temple
A replication of the Pai Zhuq Temple from Jungle Fury, inside find the Jungle Karma Pizza, Storm Chargers Store and Shiba Clan Theater.

6 Super Samurai Stunt Show Spectacular
Inside the Shiba Clan Theater, watch a training session to become a Samurai that becomes a battle between the Samurai Rangers and Nighlok.

7 Jungle Karma Pizza
Enter an accurate replica of the pizzeria worked and operated by the Jungle Fury Rangers. Go upstairs and discover the secret headquarters.

9 Storm Chargers Store
Souvenir shop in the extreme sports theme of where the Wind Rangers worked. The store carries sports items and also items inspired by Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm and Samurai.

8 Ranger Gardens
Tour the gardens. Learn how to draw Power Symbols or Kanji in the clearing.

Home of the Mystic Force Rangers and magical beings, walk through the magical forest.

Inside Rootcore, there is the Fireheart's Mystical Journey, Rockporium and Mystical Desserts.

12 Rockporium
Music/Souvenir store inside Rootcore similar to the one where the Mystic Force Rangers worked. The store has musical and magical items.

13 Ernie's Brain Freeze
Ernie's FroYo Dessert shop from Megaforce inside Rootcore.

11 Fireheart's Mystical Journey
A ride similar to Harry Potter in Islands of Adventures, ride Fireheart to fight Koragg and the Master.

10 Mystic Treehouse
In the Magical Forest, kids can play in the treehouse.

Name of section and the building, home of Lost Galaxy, In Space, Time Force, SPD and Super Megaforce Rangers. Travel to far off planets and interact with aliens. The 'city' inside the top main pod is just a photo, inside it holds the Astro Megaship Adventure. Some of the pods are fake and some hold attractions such as the Piggy's resturant and Galactic Arcade.

17 Astro Megaship Adventure
Inside the Terraventure building, you can ride up the elevator to the top floor and you travel in the Astro Megaships like Star Tours in Hollywood Studios. Travel to Mirinoi, Eltar, Aquitar, KO-35, Sirius, and Andrasia.

16 Piggy's
SPD-themed restaurant owned by Piggy, inside Terraventure building's West Pod with many futuristic and alien foods.

15 Galactic Arcade
Space-theme arcade inside Terraventure building East Pod.

14 Quantum Leaps
Time Force-theme Souvenir shop on first floor of the building when exiting the elevator from the Astro Megaship Adventure.

18 Jet Jammers
Similar to the Dumbo Ride, ten vehicles based the Lost Galaxy Rangers' Jet Jammers. This is outside of the Terra Venture building.

Enter the domed city of Corinth, where in an alternate dimension the last populace of humanity has existed.
Turbo Race Track
Inside the main building inside the dome city, help the Turbo, Operation Overdrive and RPM Rangers by entering a ride similar to EPCOT's Fast Trak. Ride in the Turbo Falcon Zord.
Bumper Carts
A Turbo Cart-themed bumper cars.
Operation Souvenirs
Mr. Hartford has lost much of his money, he has opened a race car-inspired souvenir shop.

Includes Rita's Palace and a restaurant. All the Power Rangers vanquished foes and arch villains have taken over a spooky hideout, beware all who come.

23 Tower of Darkness
Inside Rita's Palace, a ride similar to Hollywood Studios' Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Enter Rita's Palace, where Mystic Mother says she has been reformed and invites the guests into her hotel. They enter an elevator but the other Power Rangers villains take over and make them drop. Can Mystic Mother help save the guests?

22 Onyx Tavern
The evil tavern frequented by the vilest monsters and aliens in the universe. Eat and drink strange and disgusting culinary delights.

24 Keglar and Norg's Shack
Keglar from Lost Galaxy and Norg from Operation Overdrive have collected quite a number of knicknacks that are villain-related, check out their small souvenir shop.

Wild Force Rangers invite kids to play in this playground corner.

25 Wild Splash Zone
Kids mini water park inspired by the Wild Force Rangers.

26 Zord-Go-Round
Ride on different zords like Unicorn Thunderzord, Catastros, Giraffe Zord, Deer Zord, Brightstar, Dolphin Ninja Zord, Phoenix Zeo Zord, and Jungle Fury Cheetah Zord.

Uncover the history behind Dino Charge and Dino Thunder Rangers by attending the Dino Museum and do an archeological dig.

27 Attack! Tyrannosaurus' Rampage
All the T-Rex Zords go haywire, help the Dino Charge, Dino Thunder and Mighty Morphin Rangers in a in-door rollercoaster. Also watch an educational video and see real fossils.

28 Dino Cafe
Eat at the same cafe that the Dino Charge Rangers work at!

29 Thunder Strike Souvenirs
Dino Thunder-theme souvenir shop with many dinosaur and pre-historic items.

30 Archeological Dig
For kids, dig for a 'real' pre-historic fossils.
Lions - Part One by LavenderRanger
Lions - Part One
Gao Lion/Lion Wild Zord from Gaoranger/Wild Force and same from Gokaiger/Super Megaforce
Lions - Part 2 by LavenderRanger
Lions - Part 2
Hurricanger, Magiranger, Goseiger, Go-Busters, and Dairanger

Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, Megaforce, and Thunderzords in MMPR
Lions - Part 3 by LavenderRanger
Lions - Part 3
Closer look at Go-Onger, Gingaman, Gekiranger, Shinkenger and Liveman (Sentai).

RPM, Lost Galaxy, Samurai, and Jungle Fury
Zords - Lions by LavenderRanger
Zords - Lions
Hurricane Lion/Lion Ninja Zord, TG-06 Li-Oh, MagiLion, Groundlion/Lion Mechazord, Karakuri Leon/Lion Laser, Shishi/Lion Thunderzord, Ginga Lion/Lion Galactazord, Lion Origami/Lion Folding Zord, Bus-On/RPM, Rin Lion/Lion Spirit, Lion Mecha (Liveman), Gao Lion/Lion Wild Zord (Gaoranger/Gokaiger), and GaoLeon/Animus. 


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